58a Doncaster Drive, Beechmont, QLD 4211
Modern, Bright, 4 Bedroom, 10-Star Efficiency, Zero Energy, Passive Solar Home and Shed on 5 Acres with Permanent Running Creek Through Property
Modern, bright 4-Bedroom home plus American Barn style Shed with views on 5 beautiful acres with fully irrigated Orchard and Gardens with the permanently running Back Creek going right through the property.

Picture yourself eating breakfast outside on the deck to the sound of only the birds and the quiet babbling of the creek, watching the Wallabies and Hares hopping around nearby.

Perfect solitude and tree change but only 25 minutes from Nerang by car, or 15 minutes from the quaint country town Canungra. The climate in Beechmont is 5-10 degrees C cooler than on the Gold Coast as it is 510 meters above sea level. It has the colourful seasonal changes of autumn and regular frosty mornings in winter giving it the required chilling hours to grow apples, and stone fruit. Beechmont also has one of the best primary schools in Queensland which is only 5 minutes away.

Home Design:
The large open-plan living, dining and country kitchen area with high cathedral ceilings provides that first wow factor. The large north facing window and wide glass stacker door overlooks the deck, gardens and the gentle sloping paddock down to the creek. Timber look tiles throughout the home and the country kitchen gives you that country ambiance.

The bedroom sizes are generous and all but one have windows on 2 walls for cross ventilation and to also take advantage of the beautiful views of rolling hills and gardens. All rooms have huge built-in wardrobes. There is a lot of storage throughout the house in hallways, bathrooms, laundry, and the kitchen.

This home is engineered for efficiency, boasting a rare 10-star Energy Rating, the highest achievable. In winter, the home is heated by the low sun hitting the dark internal floor in the morning. In summer, it is kept cool by passive ventilation and the thermal mass of the floor as the higher angle of the sun is blocked from entering the home by the roof overhang. Very good thermal insulation and double-glazing throughout ensures the heat in summer and the cold in winter will only very slowly enter the home, keeping the temperature within a comfortable level, 22 degrees C long term average, without needing extra energy for heating or cooling.

For the few extreme days, a highly efficient 2.5kw Fujitsu reverse cycle aircon is all that is needed to get the temperature to exactly the level you want it to be. The Pyro-Classic fireplace with true overnight burn capability provides for cosy winter nights in front of a crackling fire.

The home is constructed on a concrete slab, with termite treated solid timber frame all the way up to the roof battens. In addition, a Kordon termite barrier has been installed. The light weight industrial grade steel cladding with cavity styro foil board insulation gives the home a low maintenance, high performance wall, and is insulated to above R4. The skillion colorbond roof has 3 layers of insulation to a level above R6. The sloped ceilings throughout the home allows the warm air in summer to rise up and exit through the high north windows.

The home catches sunlight and stores it in the form of warm tiled floors in winter, hot water through the solar hot water system and into solar electricity all year round.

It can run completely off-grid with 3.6kw of solar and 10kw lithium battery storage. The grid is used to automatically boost the output when we need more than 4kw at once or on rainy days. The quarterly power bill for our family of 4 comes in at around $250.

The cooktop is powered by LPG Gas.

Rainwater is collected into the huge 110,000L colorbond water tank. In the 5 years+ we have lived here, this tank has never gone below 2/3 full. No water bills, and the best quality water possible. A special floating pickup tube (Water Boy) takes the water near the top of the water level where it is most oxygenated and where there are no sediments.

Hot water is provided by the rooftop solar hot water system with electric backup.

There is also an electric pump at the creek (only for private garden use) with 4 taps placed at different locations on the land. It's never far to a water supply.

The waste water treatment system is a Worm farm system which only draws little power a few times a day to pump the treated water to the underground dispersal field. There are no mandatory inspections which makes this system the cheapest and among the most efficient to run.

The Property:
The fully fenced 5-Acre property has about 2/3 of gentle north facing slope down to the Back Creek with about an acre of almost flat land at the top. On the other side of the creek the land rises quite steeply and is mostly covered by trees. The paddocks have Kikuyu grass which grows very well on the red alluvial sandy loam volcanic soil. The soil is very similar to that on Tamborine Mountain in fertility, it's basically a "stick it in and it will grow" situation.

There are 2 fertile creek irrigated Vegetable gardens and an Orchard with Fruit and Nut Trees including: Avocados, Citrus, Apples, Nectarines, Plums, Pears, Quince, Almond, Olive. Many ornamental trees and bamboos have also been planted around the property.

We have 2 tame and curious Dexter cows grazing our paddocks, they need very little looking after and they keep the grass nice and short on most of the land so the need for mowing is much reduced.We would consider including the Dexters (Tamara and Lady Piermar) with the sale, both are registered breeder cows.

Alternatively, this would be a great property to keep a couple of horses or other stock. There would be room to build an arena, tack shed and stable.

The Shed:
The 9x6m American Barn Style Colorbond shed on concrete slab for parking, storage and workshop will not disappoint. The shed is fitted with power and lights and the roof is insulated. The parking on one side is fitted with power and drinking water tap, ideal to park a caravan if there is ever a need for it.

Beechmont has a number of great cafes and a recently opened horse trail company, while Binna Burra is only 10 minutes away and has beautiful bush walks, abseiling, archery and other adventure activities.

Beechmont is also the best paragliding spot in Australia with near to almost all-year flying and great long distance potential. The current site distance record is somewhere around the 370kms.
Property Type: Acreage/Semi-Rural
Floor Area: 155 m2
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